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    My first kiss happened when I was twelve, while I was on vacation with my family on an island. It was beautiful and it was a really nice trip. It happened really late at night after meeting earlier that day on the beach, and um, yeah we planned meeting up later since we were both with our families. Then we made plans after the kiss to meet the next day but that didn't happen, we never saw each other again. It was a perfect first kiss too, great and amazing. It was a very cinematic and movie-like, very ideal, first kiss. I got back to the house we were staying at and I told my sister and my cousins that I met this boy and we kissed and it was awesome and they asked if I got his digits or his screen name, which you know at the time, screen names were a huge deal. I didn't so I didn't talk to him again after that. BUT, as time and whatever would have it, we did run into each other at an event, just sort of pointed at each other and were like, "you!"
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    Arianne Merendino for Vogue (2019)
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    I need this! I must see this! It's time to nut up or shut up!