5:04 pm - 3/18/2018

Arianne Merendino and Sean Hitchcock Reunite Since Ending Their Relationship

It appears that Arianne Merendino has confirmed things are back on for her and Hollywood Hearthrob, Sean Hitchcock after meeting up with him in LA to go to an event for Georgio Armani.

The couple who reportadly ended things two years ago after a two year relationship made their way past fans and photographers early Sunday evening. Arianne, 29, sported a faux fur coat over a t-shirt and skirt combo while Sean, 39, best known for his roles in the original Home Alone movies and Mighty Ducks franchise.
The supposed couple who have not been seen together since breaking up, kept close as they made their way down the street until they stopped where Sean held onto the Faith's musician's hand and chatted with her while they waited for an Uber.

"They seemed really happy to be with one another. Wanting to get away from the crowds and sticking close to each other." A source told People Magazine. "Sean and Arianne broke up for different reasons than any of their past relationships. There was no other parties involved, no growing apart. It was one of the smoothest and amiciable breakups. They really did and probably still do love each other. There's a lot of respect there."

Arianne and Sean started dating in 2014, the relationship was confirmed after a PDA session made waves early in the year. After that, the couple kept a low profile and were rarely photographed together. They broke up in the spring of 2016.

Following the split, Sean was linked to an actress which was never confirmed or denied. It was reported they went out on a date but there was no romance there.

While Arianne and Sean haven't addressed their rekindled romance publicly, Arianne discussed about possibly settling down and having a family in the future.

"It's not like I'm getting old, but there is a point where you sort of pause where you're at and do some reflecting. It's getting to that spot that it all begans to mean something to you. I like to look at my future like, at some point I do want to start a family and I can't just be going on all about this forever. I have my family as in my parents, my sister and my nieces and that's good for right now. I still need some more time to figure it out. I am a homebody these days. When I'm not out performing or need to be somewhere at night, I like to be in by 10:30 - bra off, comfy pants on and wine in hand while watching something on Netflix."


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